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Say “no” to constipation!

Sorry to pick this topic to start a Monday. ūüôā I had a bit of trouble of constipation this morning, probably because I ate too many toasted sunflower seeds last night while watching TV. Naughty naughty! Constipation is really bad for skin and general well

Result of Papaya & Pineapple Extracts Peel Off Mask

I tried this ¬†Papaya & Pineapple extracts peel off mask which also purchased from ‘dm’ in Germany.¬† I used to not liking Peel off due to some bad experience, the cleaning process was not what I prefer. ¬†But these were so cheap, I could not

Result of Aloe Vera+ Yogurt Mask

I tried this Aloe Vera + Yogurt mask which bought from ‘dm’ in Germany. (BTW, I love ‘dm’, it has sooooo many skin care & personal care products and very cheap too. ) I hope that I can buy a suitcase of stuff, however, I

Result of the first mask trial that I bought in Germany

I tried this Luvos mask the other night РThe text on the pack means РNatural cosmetics with healing earth moisture mask; this is what I got from Goggle translation, anyway I did got the idea it was for moisturizing when I bought it, the hint is the water

Overeat – a Great Enemy for Youthful Skin

I have been on a trip for a few months, last 40 days staying in different hotels in Thailand gave me a lot of opportunities to devour tons of food.  We had buffet breakfast every morning, sometimes we also chose to eat the buffet dinner.

Eat the Right Food to Fight UV

As I am travelling in south east Asia at the moment, I would like to share some tips on fighting the UV.  Although Australia, New Zealand are winter now, the sunlight is still pretty strong on a sunny day, therefore, protection from the sun is

Massage with serum for better complexion

I have been traveling for the past 2 months & living in Taipei.¬† It’s a city with a lot of beautiful women and all of them are conscious about how they look.¬† You can see a lot of beauty products’ advertisement on TV & in

Are you rational in terms of skin care? Take the test!

Today I took one test, see if you are rational in skin care or more just following the feeling.   Interesting, so I listed here for you to try too.  For skin care Рdo you go for everything that seen from advertising, via friends recommendation,

Honey + Milk to ease Period Pain

I always have period pain during the first 2 days of my period. Every single time. ¬†And “interestingly”, I always have to walk a long distance or go to some social gathering which make me stand for ¬†continuous¬†hours in these days.¬† I just passed my

Thinking better ways to ‘sleep’ in the office…

It has been raining today and I was a bit slack… Getting late, but I feel still need to post something here… so let’s have a beauty quickie. Sorry for the headline, it doesn’t suggest anything negative. ūüôā¬† Maybe I should use ‘nap’ instead of