Have you ever had the experience that you woke up from suffocating of nightmare after you sleeping on your stomach? Hehe, I am just joking, but you maybe find your face are full of red marks and take a while to go away?
Sleeping on your stomach is not a good way to sleep; it will accumulate the wrinkles on your forehead. I like to sleep on my side. However, this position does squeeze your skin on either side of your face, plus the area around your eyes. Hmmm, from expert point of view, sleeping on your back is the best way to go. Since you won’t repress your skin in any possible way.
Well, I have to say, you can try to prevent things, but you can’t be too careful to such extreme, otherwise, we can’t enjoy life anymore. In term of sleeping position, I will vote this way:
Sleep on back > sleep on side (right is better than left) > sleep on stomach
What do you think?

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