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Keep Skin Hydrated in the Air-conditioned Environment

Yes, we all love air-con,  it gives us heat when we feel cold & offer us wind when we are sweaty.  However, staying in air-conditioned room for long time will be  quite harmful for the skin.  No matter is home, office or hotel, you need to do something to keep skin moisturized, since the air-con is merciless by sucking all the water out of our skin. 

A few things I suggest that you do when sitting in the air-con room for more than 7 hours.

Drink enough water, and put skin in a moisturized environment

 1. Create your own moisturized space
 You know that our body lose 1L of water if we stay in an air-conditioned room for a whole day. How scary! Only using normal moistruizer is not enough anymore, so if you are in the office, try get a small green plant, a fish bowl, look nice and also creating a small ‘forest’ around you.

2. Inner moisturized space 
IF you are like me – having coffee  & black tea, at least one of each per day (since I like flavored drink), then you need to take note too. Coffee and black tea both boost discharge of urine, so don’t drink too much, since that will make body lose water more quickly.  If you want to drink more, green tea or herbal tea are better choices, you can even add in some honey to make the tea taste even better.   Also in an air-conditioned room, don’t only drink water when you are extremely thirsty, drink half a glass every half an hour. 

3. Back up mositurizer within reach
 Sometimes you feel skin or lips really dry, but didn’t have anything around could help. like everything else, get prepared. I have a separate makeup bag in my purse, inside are small sample size face wash, mist, small sample of eye cream, moisturizer and lip balm.  Normally after lunch, you can spray some mist to wake up tired skin, apply a bit eye cream.  Lips are more fragile than other skin parts, so apply lip balm whenever necessary.

4. Body lotion after bath/shower
Do you know that bath or shower can actually make your skin even drier?  So try to avoid using soap or exfoliate too often.  After bath or shower, remember to apply body lotion to get all water & nutrition locked up! 

Let me know if you have any secret of keeping skin hydrated in the air conditioned environment, can’t wait to hear more useful tips!  🙂 

Be beautiful! 

One thought on “Keep Skin Hydrated in the Air-conditioned Environment”

  1. EliseH says:

    I use body lotion after shower, but my skin still feel dry. guess I shower too much… 3 times a day probably is too much…

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