drink water for throat pain

The weather has been a bit crazy… suddenly pouring rain for whole night, then sunny for a bit to tease you, then rain again… I have to take jacket with me all the time, you never know when it will be chilly again.

However, I still feel a bit sore throat in the afternoon. People always describe woman’s voice as the 2nd face, which shows how important it is.

When I feel sore throat, normally I will drink green tea+ honey or black tea + rock sugar. Very nourishing and very tasty.

You can also try to breathe in the steam from hot water, like sauna for the throat, but be careful not to use too hot water and not too long time.

Of course, too hot or cold drinks, too spicy food should be avoided when you feel not well. NO cigarette! No screaming! (including loud Karaoke) 🙂

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