Unfortunately, I am short-sighted & I wear contact lens. To help eyes rest, once home, I will immediately take off my contact lens & put my glasses back on, then start cooking , eating, watching TV or browsing online.
I sometimes feel it was kinda of wasting time of watching TV by only leaning on sofa while doing nothing else, if you are with me on this, maybe you can try — massage your face while watching TV or listening to music. This will help to relive the tension of your face and ease fine lines. The drawback for me is I have to take off my glasses, so the image on TV is not that clear. Lol.
Basically, facial massage should focus near the place where small wrinkles are easy to appear, for example: eyebrow, corner of the eyes and area around the lips. Here are 5 easy steps I have learned from some friends and practised for a while, not bad! Happy to share with everyone (illustration attached):
Step1: apply some massage cream on your face (or you can cut one VE capsule, use the oil inside). Put your index, middle and ring fingers together & massage face in spiral trace, relax your face completely.
Step2: use the belly part of your index and middle finger, massage from nose to the top of your ear, press for 10 seconds, then trace back. Massage both parts of nose by index finger from bottom up.
Step3: use index and middle finger to massage from your lower jaw, slowly and gently to earlobe, repeat 5 times.
Step4: close your eyes, put index and middle finger as ‘V’ shape, use belly part and gently massage top and bottom of your eyes, helping to avoid the form of unpleasant eye bag.
Step5: based on the width of your forehead, use 3 or 4 fingers gently massage forehead, from one ‘temple’ point slowly to another, in this way, the extra fine lines can be eased.
OK, why don’t you start to touch your face Now!? 🙂
Fight Wrinkles!

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