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Use Ginger to Warm you up & Control weight

I stayed in Spain most of time this winter. Barcelona has mild winter, however, there is no central heating in the apartment I rent, only electric heaters. So I still feel cold from time to time. Wrapped with blanket, lazing on the couch and watching TV. Seems like not a bad day. 🙂

However, you can’t sit on the couch all the time. I have to move around too. Then I noticed that my cold hands and cold feet. Maybe you have similar problem and can understand me. Guess it’s my blood circulation is not good enough. Apart from putting on more clothes or take a hot bath, another easy way to get rid of the irritating cold hands/cold feet is Ginger!

Ginger contains gingerol and Shogaol, which is great to boost blood circulation and bring warmth to the body. As the temperature increases, some body fat is more likely to burn & body metabolism is tend to get more active. See, ginger is such a good stuff – not only keep us warm, but also help us lose weight. 🙂

The easiest way is to slice some raw ginger and chew in your mouth – trust me, you will feel warm in a couple of mins (I just did that,haha) or put some ginger in your green tea or black tea (lemon optional). You can even make a cup of Ginger cocoa, ginger hot chocolate, very delicious.

You can of course use ginger when cooking, or put in the soup, like Japanese, they like to cook up the miso soup.

Oh, ginger cookies, that’s my favorite too. However, there is not too much ginger in the cookie actually, so if you want to warm up quickly, raw ginger is the best bet!


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