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Watching Olympics vs. Skin Care & Health

As sports lovers, many of us will spend hours sitting on the sofa watching 2012 London Olympic games these two weeks.  Due to the time difference, a lot of people will stay overnight to watch games.  I did a few times, then the next day really sleepy & lack of energy the whole day. 

A few things you need to be careful while spending much time watching Olympics –

1)  Unbalanced diet
To keep us awake, many girls would drink coffee at night, eat a lot of snacks to keep ourselves occupied while watching the games.  However, these poor behaviors might add a few pounds over two-week time.

2)  Sitting too long
While we watching games, normally we sit on the sofa or bed, which is not breathable, this will boost the chance for the development of the female gynecological inflammation, especially during the period. So if you spend a lot time watching TV, move from time to time, and walk around a bit. 

3) Make up for the lost sleep
Remember: Sleep is very important for skin care. If you can’t help watching over night games, take some time the next day to make up for the lost sleep. 

4) Make smart use of the TV time
Don’t just start at TV screen and eat junk food while watching Olympic games.  Use it smarter!  Put on some moisturizing mask and massage your face, massage your hands and feet, after the games, you will feel so relaxed and ready to sleep & rest.

Take care & enjoy the London Olympics! 

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