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Weekend detoxic – Internal cleansing _ part 1

Happy Saturday!

It’s weekend, we have more time on our hands. So after a good sleep-in, a big, lazy brekkie, maybe some grocery shopping, we need some time for ourselves too.

We always talk about how to clean, exfoliate and moisturize our skin, but internal cleansing is even more important than external one.  With everything goes smooth inside, our skin will present an amazing glow outside.

Here are some pointers for you to have a look, have a think, hopefully it will help you to change some part of your daily routine to be better.

1. High Cholesterol is never a good thing, if those ugly cholesterol can’t be released out of your body, it’s easy to be deposited on the capillary wall, which might lead to high blood pressure and Atherosclerosis,etc. doesn’t look so pretty. What food are good for reducing the cholesterol?  Onion, mushrooms…



Constipation is not comfortable, nor good for your health. The toxic will be back to the body, immune system get affected, if you have long-term constipation problem, you normally will have acne.  The saying to describe how bad it is “Constipate a  day worse than 3 packs of cigaret.”  You need to consume more food with crude fiber, such as: wholegrain, oats, corns, celery. 

3, Skin is the important organ for detox. If we do more exercises, then we will sweat more, this way will be helping the detox

4. However, if you over-exercise, you would feel sore all over body. So you need to do some massage, stretching to assist the blood circulation. Sometimes if you drink some vinegar or sour fruit juice will ease the pain too. 

5. A lot of food we buy on a daily basis have artificial coloring, preservatives, etc to keep the food lasting one.  These food taste great but in fact they are toxic to our body. So to keep the internal body clean is to prevent eating all these food. I know, it’s easier said than done, but at least reduce the amount of intake.  Every day to twice a week,  twice a week to once a week.  

6. Lymphatic System is the crucial detox system. So regular massage to improve the circulation is very beneficial. I will do more research, in a later post, I want to practice some massage routine myself and also show you how to do it in an easier way.

7. Lung is one of the organ easy to store toxic in our boy.  Everyday we breath in 1000L air into the lung, of course with all the dust, inhalable particles, exhaust… so we need to try to avoid put ourselves in pouted area, if we have to, wear some mask.

OK, I guess 7 pointers are enough for one day– it’s weekend after all. I will come back to it tomorrow. 🙂

Enjoy your day!

One thought on “Weekend detoxic – Internal cleansing _ part 1”

  1. HelenW1 says:

    Drink lemon honey water in the morning also helps constipation..

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