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Weekend detoxic – Internal cleansing _ part 2

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Let’s get back to the internal body cleansing —

8. Liver is the biggest detoxification organ in the human body. It works on the food we consume, convert them into something body can use. However, some left over toxic may stay. Yoga is a top detox exercise, via different movements, we give pressure to the liver, boost the blood circulation and help the detox process.

9. Eyes — do you know eyes can help the detox?  Yes, very the tears.  It really helps! Tears can bring out a lot of harmful elements from the body.  So here we go, if you like crying, just do it!  If you don’t cry much, probably you need some movie like “The Notebook” or cutting some onions. 🙂

10. Green beans helps detox, especially great in summer.  But if you are taking medication, don’t eat green beans much, otherwise, it might contradict your purpose.

11. Garlic —  you might not liking the smell of it. But garlic is such a treasure. It can also boost the immune cell.

12.Pumpkin and pineapple also are great for detox, especially after a hangover.

13. Red wine is great to boost the blood circulation, and help body to absorb more oxygen.

14. Last one — easiest — Go outside! Go somewhere with fresh air and have some deep breath!  Fresh air is the cheapest remedy!

2 thoughts on “Weekend detoxic – Internal cleansing _ part 2”

  1. HelenW1 says:

    lol, I cry quite often with movies… seems that not a bad thing 😉

  2. outsourcing-website says:

    I truly enjoyed your blog. Its nice when you read something which it isn’t just informative but entertaining. Greet!

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