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What is the best thing to drink when you wake up?

What is the first thing that you drink in the morning when you get up?

Water, tea, cocacola, juice, milk?

Drink water after you wake up

Actually water is the best choice.  Drinking water as the first thing after you get up helps the body get hydrated, detox and moisturize the skin, also it helps you to wake up!

There are a lot theories flying around, some people say drinking salt water is better.  Think about it for a second, the whole night you didn’t drink anything, however your respiration, perspiration will consume a lot of water. so when you get up, if you drink salt water, which adds more duty to the kidney, you would feel even dryer and more thirsty.  Also it’s inclined to cause high blood pressure.

Drinking fruit juice, cola, coffee or milk are not great choices either. These drinks might sound fancy and with more flavor, but they will contribute to calcium deficiency, or make body lose water faster, leaving you more dehydrated.  So drink water first, then with or after breakfast, drink other alternatives.

For women, if you like to add in honey and some lemon juice to your water,  that’s fine fine as long as your stomach doesn’t protest.  I drank honey water with a bit of lemon juice for a few weeks, then my stomach started playing funny, feeling sour taste in my mouth all the time while my tummy making noise.  So i gave up this beauty drink, at least I am not drinking it as the first thing in the morning anymore.  You can still drink during the day, but just not with empty stomach.

So after all, the cheapest option – water has all my vote as the first thing to drink in the morning after you wake up.

What do you drink first in the morning? Let us know if you have any different ideas.  🙂


2 thoughts on “What is the best thing to drink when you wake up?”

  1. Emilyland says:

    water for sure

  2. EliseWarron says:

    I normally drink water too. but sometimes if I am in a hurry to leave home, I will buy some other drink on the way to work. like juice or coffee.  but agree that water is the best 1st drink of the day 🙂

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