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What should add to breakfast?

I normally have a breakfast routine. Weekdays – cereal with milk, some nuts and fruit. Weekends – go out for big brekkie, give me some meat! 🙂

But I still constantly do my research to see what should be included in the breakfast, which is good for healthy skin, body and mind!

Well, if we want to have a healthy glow on our skin, we should include these 6 ingredients in our breakfast, of course, not necessarily all together, you can rotate based on your likeness.

1. Beans

Iron is crucial for our body to generate energy. If our body lacks of iron, then we will feel headache and tired. Although pig liver and pork are the best source for iron, however, if we eat some red beans, black beans or soy beans, can greatly help improve iron consumption and give us eneregy!

2. Spinarch

Magnesium deficiency is very common among women. But you know what, Spinach has a lot of Magnesium! If you consume less than 288mg magnesium per day, you would feel tired.

3. Strawberry

A lot of VitaminC in strawberry, delicious while give you energy.

4. Banana

As most of us already know, banana is great for quickly give body energy, that’s why a lot of time, you see people chewing on a banana before a gym session. Banana is also rich in potassium, which is important for your muscle & heart reactions.

5. Yogurt

Sometimes you feel tired and drowsy before or after period, right? That might will contribute to lack of calcium. So yogurt or milk would help a lot, alleviate tummy pain, less drowsiness and better temper. 🙂

6. Oats

If your breakfast is high in fiber, you won’t get hungry to fast. Oats definitely fit in this food category, it can keep your blood presume at a greater level, you won’t need to go lunch so soon and feel more energetic.

So here we go — nothing above is hard to find nor taste bad… Just put them in some of your regular breakfast or even take them to work. But remember there is no excuses for not having breakfast!

One thought on “What should add to breakfast?”

  1. Zoi000 says:

    Soy milk would be great for breakfast… I can’t drink too much milk, but soy or rick milk is one healthy option for me. 

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