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What things make me happy?

As said, happiness is the medicine for health and of course better skin. I believe having a sincere laugh or smile for a few minutes everyday is better than applying $400 cream on your face.

Shopping Online is Fun!

Apart from daily work, what I like to do to make myself happy is online shopping. Oh dear, since 2006 I discovered online shopping, I never looked back.  It’s so easy, so fast, and save money!  (My boyfriend might have different opinion since he realized I spent more a lot online)
I buy everything online – Travel tickets, accommodation, shoes online, dresses online, sunglasses online, food online and homewares online. 
A woman will never have enough shoes. That is a huge expense, hence I also try to save whenever I can – buy shoes online. One of the merit of online shopping is convenience – you don’t need to go to the shop to check if there is anything on discount, just open your laptop and click some links, then you know everything.  Another good thing is there are far more choices in online shops than traditional stores –  and you have no need to stay with specific one shop. I bought my wedgeshigh heels, ankle boots and sandals all from different places. They all provide Free shipping and free return. Much easier.
Do you like online shopping?
Any tips & recommendations that you would like to share? 🙂

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