I skyped with my good friend from Shanghai this evening, she looked me from webcam & started screaming “how come you became so dark? Australia sun very strong, right? you should use some whitening products…”  she is more skincare freak than myself, so I didn’t want to argue with her.  So I said “yes, yes, I will.”

As you may know or notice, Asian women worship fair skin, Asian men think dark skin is ugly. There is a famous Chinese saying “With fair skin, even you are ugly,nobody would think you are ugly”.  My mum used to look at me and shook her head “really worried if you can get married one day. Will any body like your dark skin?”  But I don’t think my darker skin a disadvantage at all. Especially after I came to Australia, I sometimes put on self-tan cream and lie on the beach, trying to get more tan.

My friend continued “here, I tell you a couple natural ways to get fairer skin. 1. you can just mix some yoghurt and flour to a thick mixture, then apply on your face, wait for 10-15 min and rinse. Easy and cheap!  2. Mix one egg and one tea spoon of honey well. Before sleep, use a clean brush to apply the mixture on the face, massage gently then sleep. Wash thoroughly in the morning then apply moisturizer.  ok lah, just try these two first, after two weeks, let me know how you feel. I know you are lazy, so I won’t say more…”

I was so happy and felt so loved by a friend like her. so I said “I sure will…so how is your husband doing? …”

Well, I still prefer dark skin… 🙂  dark skin with less wrinkles…

Good night…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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