Wow, isn’t it a super big topic to talk about? Yes it is. to make it sound a bit smaller and approachable, maybe we only talk about how they take care of themselves, like skin, diet, exercise, etc. (still big, I guess).
Just finished this year’s holiday, 4 weeks across a few countries in Europe, I observed people everywhere, men and women, young and old…fansinating! I appreciate all sorts of people, especially woemn, different appearence, different personalities, different way of moving, talking and acting, likes so many books to read. 🙂 I realized that when they smile, they look the most beautiful…there is no exception, for every single person. and when they are relaxed, they look prettier… Some business women look very smart and professional wearing chic suits, high heels. However, nobody really think they are beautiful, because the expression on their faces revealed other emotion—nervous, jealous, happy, excitement, scared… some part of the facial muscle is in tension…that’s why people need to relax and let the mind fly…
Women in Belgrade are down to earth, without powerful western money investment, people seem more relaxed and no worries. Women in Rome don’t really care that much, mingled with millions of tourists, they enjoy being themselves, eating gelatos, pasta, pizza, all good. Women in milan, what to say like delicate flowers, outstanding but you need to hold your breath when you look at them. Women in Barcelona are free, in the joyous sun, they laugh and run, enjoying life. Women in Paris, elegant and slick, there seems nothing really make them lose their temper, they smoke in the cafe, drink wine & chatting, relaxed and being beautiful. I noticed that there is no make up culture among French women, they value ‘natural’ & they look young…should we learn anything from here? Women in London are a bit like women here in Australia, but maybe frown a bit more when the rainy days around. 🙂
Enjoy life and fight wrinkles!

2 thoughts on “Women in different countries”

  1. This is interesting. I am French, yes, people do say we look younger, although we don’t really exercise, I guess the “natural” approach and relaxed mindset help us a lot. 🙂


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