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Wrinkle Venom Cream- new step in anti-wrinkle battle…

I have heard about this for a while, seems like the snake venom anti wrinkle cream finally landed in Australia after the success in the US and UK.  What is it? Sounds not that comfortable, venom, are you serious? When we women become this desperate? oh well, after some researching, I found out that the cream doesn’t actually have snake venom in it. It’s made up of a synthetic compound that imitates the poisonous fang juice of the serpent known as the Temple Viper – a distant relative of the common rattlesnake.

It was claimed as good as “Botox” and in the trend to replace it.  Given we are not facing the risk of having  permanent muscle damage if “over done”.  This new venom thing is reported to perform in the exact manner as far as treatment goes, but is said to be completely safe for repeated use.

In term of usage,  it’s targeting those areas of the skin that are prone to lines and crevices, simply rub the cream in after cleansing. From there, it’s absorbed into the tissues, and keeps on going until it reaches the muscles underneath. They then become immobilised – just like the physical area of a victim who’s been bitten by the Temple Viper – but in a non-toxic way, of course. It’s said that any wrinkles someone already has will decrease in appearance, and the formation process of any new ones, will be greatly slowed down. With repeated use, the end results are expression lines that are not so “expressive” anymore – and all without the dangers of permanent side effects. These were approved by some brave early adopters.

However these creams are not cheap. They normally start from $60 to over $100, but only for a month use.  But how is the doing the Botox? and it cost based on the quantity of the lines? redo every 3-4 months?  I guess this cream doesn’t sound that bad.

Having said that, this venom doesn’t have the three to four month lasting effects of that other treatment. Because of the fast rate of absorption into the skin and muscles, it must be reapplied over and over to keep the benefits going.

Would you want to try some snake venom cream? Although it sounds magical, i haven’t got the gut to try it.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Wrinkle Venom Cream- new step in anti-wrinkle battle…”

  1. Olivia Zhang says:

    Awesome news! although sounds a bit scary 🙂 haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would skip it. Still confident in my Clarins creme. Still I do like idea of learning from nature…

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