Wrinkles under the eyes

Hint: If you have wrinkles under eyes, that is the indication of the detox function of your kidney and bladder.  The skin under eyes are very slim,  quickly drying.  if you have ‘eye-bag’, then really need to take care of the kidney. There is a saying that “Healthy Kidney is the root of youth”.

What to do: Eat food contain Alkaline component. Like asparagus, artichokes, cabbage, lettuce, avocado, tomato, grapefruit, etc.  Wheat food also help cleanse the kidney. And, to take good care of our vulnerable eyes, use the proper eye creams that suit you.

Wrinkles on the  forehead

Hint: people say the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead tells how hard/often you think, does that mean all the scientists have to be all wrinkled? 🙂 But, to the brain, the ability of memorizing is the most crucial, it needs nutrition.

What to do: Eat walnut, sesame will be helpful. Don’t try to avoid wheat flour product to lose weight, these food are basic for your body function.  And if you take moderate amount, won’t be a threat to your figure.

Wrinkles on the cheek

Hint: the skin around the cheek is quite fragile, you can detest some vein issue from it. If right cheek wrinkle is deeper than left, the liver might need attention. If the wrinkle not horizontal or vertical, maybe you wanna check high blood pressure. 

What to do: You need to pay attention to your diet, balance meat and veggie intake, moderate exercises is highly recommended. In terms of skin itself, please choose good quality moisturizer and get rid of the dead skin fairly frequent.


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