In the business world, we always try to identify the organization’s issues and solve them. The different problem have different solution.

Wrinkles on your face also tell different stories—-

Vertical wrinkle above lips:
Wrinkles hint: during or after the menopause, when the body lacks estrogen,  small vertical wrinkles will appear above the lips. It marks that hormone levels are low. If you have a long slash of wrinkle from the nose to the lips, it’s a sign that your heart may have some problems.
What to do: Magic soybeans! as well as wheat and many vegetables (such as broccoli, etc.) can improve the hormonal balance.  When you hit 40 years of age (woooo), the skin needs efficient protein as the soy bean to care, to moisturize dry and mature skin to reduce wrinkles.

Wrinkles beside lips:
Hint: these kinda of wrinkles start from side of lips, down tilt.  The right side one may indicate your liver and gallbladder are overburdened, the left side one might signal spleen problems. Small wrinkles at the corner of mouth maybe tell you need to pay attention to your stomach.

Wrinkles on chins:
Hint: chin skin is closely related to the whole body, but also a comprehensive reflection of the gastrointestinal health.  With the “cat’s claw-shaped” wrinkles, indicating that the subcutaneous fat layer is damaged.  Around the corner of mouth or deep wrinkles, you may want to check your stomach too.
What to do: try to massage and pull your chin up to stretch your chin; take more food with rich collagen, such as chicken feet and pig feet (delicious— go to Asian grocery shop and buy some ready made pig feet, yum).  Take care of yourself when bad stomach condition happens.

Sleepy, to be continued… good night…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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