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Yeah, those moistrurized lips…

Lips Care Q & A

Q:In the autumn, winter, my lips always feels dry. No matter how many times I apply the lip balm, after a while, it feels dry again.

A:It’s normal because of the weather, so we need to pay more attention to the lips care. Actually, not only to the lips, but the whole face area. Drink enough water and no smoking, less spicy food.  And do not lick your lips even it feels dry, otherwise, it only get dryer more quickly.

Q: If my lips start peeling, what should I do?

A: Cover your lips with hot towel for a few minutes, then use the cotton stick to remove the peeled skin gently, apply some olive oil and cover with cling wrap for another 5 mins.  you are done. Lips SPA.  🙂

Q: If my lips getting more wrinkles, darkened in color, what will be the best way to recover?

A: It’s more related to diet and your habit. Do not smoke, try reduce the intakes of coffee, tea, etc. Eat more fruits, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, and when you go out, be careful of the sun!

Keep your lovely lips moisturized! 🙂

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