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Yoga Could Help Our Skin Feels and Looks Better

I met a girl in the restaurant, bluntly I said “your skin looks so nice!” “Thank you, thank you, I think that’s because I do Yoga every day!  Those stretches really helps a lot.”…

Surely I came back home and browsed on the internet to sort the backup information on this statement.  The result is obvious:  those seemingly torturing asanas not only will nourish the internal organs, but also benefit skin health and complexion.  Yoga is great to release stress,  and stress is one of the biggest causes of deterioration of the skin and premature aging.

Prolonged stress will cause body redirect nutrients from the skin to the vital organs, such as the heart, brain, and lungs, over time, skin won’t get enough nourishment it needs.  long term stress also affect metabolic functions, slowing down the renewal of skin cells, causing the skin to look dull, gray, sag and look dehydrated.

Getting scared?  Maybe we should try some Yoga poses too!

Yoga’s deep breathing can normalize blood pressure and helps release tension-related conditions such as headaches, backaches, sleeplessness, and stomachaches.  Meditation also boost blood circulation which help you feel balanced and relaxed. Yoga poses are great to get rid of  fatigue and strain.  Through both, one can enjoy the outer radiance that reflects a deep inner state of balance and overall well-being.

I won’t force myself to do too much, maybe just 5-10 mins,  a few asanas, 1 min of deep breathing, will be great for a start! 

What do you say?

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